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Elegant rear extension with terraces

A lower ground floor rear extension, together with an external staircase and terrace above, which open out onto a west facing garden.

X P1110119.jpg

The existing lower ground floor kitchen and dining space were extended and renovated, maximising the daylight within and providing access to the rear west facing garden.  The extension is modest in size, but makes a big impact on the adjoining spaces, allowing full width access to the garden with doors that can fully open onto the new sandstone terrace.  The glazed roof allows daylight to enter deep into the existing space.

The cast iron railings, sandstone terraces and steps blend gracefully with the existing Victorian house, allowing easy access and long views from lower and upper levels.

The master bedroom and all the bathrooms within the property were renovated as part of the project.

X IMG_20200421_150332577.jpg
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