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A graceful classic

A full house renovation and extension of a Victorian detached property together with the redesign of the front and rear gardens.

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The rear of the property at the ground and first floor was extended and opened up allowing flexible living and dining space inside and out.  Upon entering the house, a dramatic view through the beautifully tiled hallway and new kitchen and dining spaces leads out to the rill within the rear garden.  A discrete fire rated pocket door was utilized to make this view possible.  A large sliding panel door separates the rear reception room from the kitchen and dining space, providing flexibility for entertaining.  The kitchen and dining spaces are set at a lower level, allowing gentle steps into the main garden.

The bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor were all refurbished to a high standard.  Set away from the main bedrooms, a guest suite with shower room was incorporated within the upper part of the rear extension.

This traditional and classic design reflected the clients' wishes.

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